Testimonials from satisfied students

"You are all outstanding facilitators with a wealth of information that needs to be  shared with as many people as possible!   I am saying this because I think you all take feedback seriously and are  genuinely invested in learning and making the best training possible."

"Thank you for going over the different pathways to IBLCE and what is needed for each along with the courses and hours needed."

"Sexual abuse section was so important and good.  Thank you!"

"Interactive sessions are so good!"

"Awed.  Amazed. Loving this course."

"Everyone  is so funny and enthusiastic. Love that the speakers keep switching, keeps it fresh."

"I just wanted to say thank you for  your wonderful courses and to give you an update for your statistics. I started  my formal lactation journey with your 45 hour course in April 2012, and did  your review course last April. I was notified on October 27th (coincidentally  my 30th wedding anniversary! a good day all around!) that I had passed the  IBCLC exam. Your courses are well done and so entertaining. You and your  cohorts have done much to advance this discipline; thank you for it all."

Georgia Tauscher

"The course was wonderful. My   brain was so full by Friday, I couldn’t remember what I learned Monday! I   cannot imagine anyone else teaching this course. Thank you for being wonderful   instructors."


"I PASSED THE EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on top of the   world and so relieved. Your cram course that I took last May was instrumental for me. Prior to taking it, I was feeling   information overload and could not for the life of me sort out where my focus   needed to be. I studied hard prior to the Cram (for the first half of 2009 I did not allow myself the luxury of reading anything that was not breastfeeding-related.) But I honestly was intimidated by the sheer volume of material and the fact that I wasn't a nurse. The cram helped me find my confidence, reminded me that I do know how to do this, and gave me a way to   organize my thoughts and studies. I also bought your practice exam book, which  was a godsend. I worked my way through it and used it again and again." 

Ann G,   Wisconsin

"I am so grateful for this course and the ladies that teach it. I used all the test taking strategies and took my time taking the exam and went through the questions 3 times as recommended. The information and research update is not something I would have had time to do myself.  By taking this course, I felt more at ease and very well prepared to pass.  I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to pass the IBCLC exam!" 

Brenda W., Illinois

"Of all the educational courses I've taken to prepare for the test, your program was by far the best.  It helped me focus on the important areas of study.  I really don't think that I would have passed without it."

"Thanks again for your course... it not only refreshed what I knew but bolstered my confidence in test taking which I hadn't done in years. I've been highly recommending it to all who are looking at sitting the exam!"

"...your review course is outstanding. I actually recommend it to all. There were a lot of questions on the exam that I was able to work through based on the review course material."

"Just wanted to let you know I passed the IBCLC exam this past July. I took your Cram Course in San Francisco last April. Your course was recommended to me from a colleague. She did not pass the exam the first time around. She did pass the second time having taken your cram course. The cram course was very beneficial and my goal was met. Thank you."

"I wanted to let you know that I passed the exam with flying colors - 95%!! I am very pleased.... I am glad I attended the cram course, it reinforced my knowledge and gave me excellent study materials. Thank you very much."