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Lactation Education Consultants offers you evidence-based, updated lactation education with an emphasis on becoming an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). It is our hope to ignite flames in aspiring lactation consultants, nurses, physicians, etc. to become better providers for new families. So stay, look around, and ask us if you have any questions! We will be happy to help.

What We Do

Certified Lactation Specialist Course (CLSC)


The Certified Lactation Specialist Course is designed for  the aspiring lactation consultant or nurses, physicians, midwives, dieticians, breastfeeding assistants or others desirous of improving their knowledge base and skills in working with the breastfeeding dyad. All areas included on the  IBLCE exam are addressed. The 5 day course provides half the needed number of  continuing education hours in lactation to qualify to sit for the IBLCE exam. Unlike many other courses, we highly encourage continuing after your CLS to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in your near future!! Taking the CLS ensures one big step in the right direction!

Certification Cram Review Course


Whether looking to update your knowledge, obtain CERPs or review for the IBLCE exam, this single authoritative course is for you. Covering the entire IBLCE exam grid, this course will bring you up-to-date on the newest information and research in lactation. This intensive, fast-paced, evidence-based Cram Course is designed as a review course for practitioners preparing to take the IBLCE exam for initial or recertification. If you have not already had a basic lactation management course, consider enrolling in LEC's Certified Lactation Specialist Course. 

Advanced Clinical Concepts in Lactation Course (ACCLC)


This three day course  explores in depth a few of the topics you need and want to know more  about!  THIS is the interactive program  you’ve been looking for, with discussion, group work, scenarios and case  studies, and a hands-on skills lab working with pumps, alternative feeding  methods and other gadgets.  Topics  include recent breastfeeding initiatives, working with millennial moms,  biological nurturing, obesity, feeding toddlers, differential lactation  diagnosis and treatment of sore nipples and failure to thrive, what moms  really want, ethical issues, and much more.  


Our Founding Team

Jan Barger


Jan has worked in in all areas of maternal child health (except the NICU) since 1972, and currently maintains her private practice which she started in 1985. She worked as the lactation consultant for Wheaton Pediatrics for 23 years. Jan has served on the IBLCE board and exam committee and was the 1990-92 International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) President. She is the co-author of Blueprints, and Clinical Instruction in Lactation.

Carole Peterson


Carole was a lactation consultant for at a local agency WIC  Clinic for 17 years. She then became a Regional IBCLC for Indiana WIC. She now does training and webinars for Indiana WIC. She also mentors new health professionals desiring to become IBCLC for the Illinois WIC program. She has participated on the NWA Breastfeeding Committee and spearheaded several of the breastfeeding position papers for NWA. Carole represented NWA on the United States Breastfeeding Committee.

Linda Kutner (Retired)


Linda has worked in the pediatric and lactation field since 1967. She is currently a lactation consultant with a hospital near Charlotte, North Carolina. She had a thriving private practice for 17 years prior to joining the hospital staff. Linda served as the 1992-94 ILCA President and on the IBLCE board, and is the primary author of Blueprints

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