Building Bridges for Breastfeeding Duration In-Service

Are you looking for something to energize your staff and motivate them about breastfeeding? LEC provides the following educational opportunity that we can bring to your facility! Please contact us at for more information.   

An innovative half day program created to build a community support system for new mothers.  Taught by two instructors--one an RN, IBCLC who has worked with mothers and babies for over 30 years in a hospital setting and the other a lactation consultant who has worked in the WIC program since 1989.  They bring together the challenge of these work settings to build a bridge between the hospital and follow up care for the mother–baby dyad after discharge. Emphasis is on the importance of support for the breastfeeding couplet during the first two days. Evidence-based lactation practice is the foundation of this educational offering. One attendee described Building Bridges as the best and most concise breastfeeding education she has ever received!   


These  programs are free to participants.


Indiana  – Crystal Fowler
Ohio  – Michelle Allison
Michigan  –  Marji Cyrul
Illinois  – Melanie Eader
Minnesota  – Mary Johnson
Wisconsin  – Jen Ortner

Download the Building Bridges Bibliography Here

Bridges Bib 2019 (pdf)